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Only handful of properties still without power - Vector

The storm which hit almost two weeks ago brought down trees and damaged power lines. - Photo: supplied/ Vector

Auckland lines company Vector is hoping to have virtually all properties across the city back on the grid this weekend, with just a handful still without power.

More than 180,000 properties had their electricity cut almost two weeks ago by a storm that damaged lines and brought down trees.

Vector said there were only five properties to be repaired over the weekend.

They're spread across West and North Auckland from Waitakere to Dairy Flat.

While many businesses had their power cut for a period, the head of Auckland's Chamber of Commerce Michael Barnett said feedback had been good and business had coped well.

But one Auckland mother-of-three, who had been without power since last Sunday, said she had lost confidence in Vector.

Cushla Gwin lives in Titirangi and had been having cold showers and eating meals at friends' places to get by.

She said having no power had been particularly difficult for her children during the school holidays, and it had been expensive taking her kids out every day.

She had also found it difficult to get in touch with Vector.

"Every time we've spoken to somebody different and we've had a different story, we haven't been able to pin them down on finding a manager and actually asking them what their system is and how they decide where their people are going to fix things."

Vector said people who were still cut off needed to get in touch with them so they could send crews to help.

Another Auckland family sought refuge in Hamilton, after going days without power in their Kelston home.

Kasha Klee, her husband, and two children - a toddler and a six-month-old baby - left the city a few days ago.

Mrs Klee said a person could only go so long without a proper shower, and her family's only option was to stay with relatives in Hamilton.

She said the little information she had received from Vector had been inaccurate, and it was stressful not knowing when she could return to Auckland.

As of yesterday, Mrs Klee still did not have power.

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