Twyford dismisses SH1 rumours

Minister of Transport Phil Twyford.

The Minister of Transport Phil Twyford has dismissed rumours that the Warkworth to Te Hana section of the Road of National Significance (State Highway 1) will be canned.

Rumours arose when the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) postponed three information days about the indicative alignment for the motorway, scheduled for this month.

However, Mr Twyford issued a statement declaring that investigations and planning for the motorway would continue.

“The Labour-led government has not altered any existing roading projects except Auckland’s East-West link,” Mr Twyford says.

“Investigation work by the NZTA into the Warkworth to Wellsford project is continuing as it did before the election.”

NZTA could not confirm when a final designation on the route would be released, but a spokesperson said it would not be before the government’s policy statement on land transport was released in April.

“The government has signalled this is likely to include new priorities for transport investment throughout New Zealand and will influence the timing and funding required for existing work programmes to proceed,” an NZTA spokesperson says.

Meanwhile, Labour MP and Rodney resident Marja Lubeck confirmed that the Labour Party was in the process of discussing priority projects for transport.

“I see the congestion on State Highway 1 so, in my opinion, it’s definitely a priority project,” Ms Lubeck says.

Phillips Road property owner, Mark Illingworth, who could be affected by the motorway, is frustrated that no information has been released about the final route.

“I haven’t heard anything since half-way through last year and I would like confirmation of a route so I can make some decisions around my land,” Mr Illingworth says.

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