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Peter Matheson with the ‘letter on a panel.’

Running a semi-permanent garage sale, to raise funds for local community projects can have some surprises when loads are dropped off by well-meaning donors, and a supporter of The Den in Maungaturoto, local actor, Peter Matheson, is no exception.

A simple gift of demolition timber was being sorted, when he came across the land version of a ‘message in a bottle’ — in this case a message to the future on a wooden wall panel.

“It apparently came from a demolished hostel at Dargaville high school as the message, in felt-tipped pen, records ‘ the year the hotel is closing in 2013.”

It goes on to say ‘There is (sic) only three of us. I’m the only girl. This was my room for only a term.

‘I’m going to miss all the people and this place. If a person ever reads this, or any of the other notes, you will not know how we lived in the hostel, what we did, what we talked about or how much this place means to us. But all you NEED to know is that this place was GREAT.”

“The message is in fact signed,” said Peter. “However, we will leave that in case the girl who wrote it might read about it, in which case we’d be happy to let her claim it as a special souvenir of her school days.”

If you recognise the ‘message to the future’ in this story, feel free to contact The Kaipara Lifestyler on 0800 466 793 or email info@thelifestyler.co.nz.

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