Pedal right to the metal

Dave Chapman managed to pick up 13th at the Ashburton Car Club Chertsey standing quarter-mile sprint on Saturday.

Seventeen cars and their drivers were put to the test on Saturday when they battled each other and the clock at the Ashburton Car Club’s standing quarter-mile sprints.

A wide variety of cars took to the tarmac, with the European prestige of a Porsche GT4, the American grunt of a Chevy Impala and the classic British motoring style of an Austin.

Chris Thompson took out top honours on the day, guiding his Impala to complete the quarter-mile in 11.526 seconds on its quickest run.

Alan Turner followed closely behind in is his Mitsubishi Mirage, with a time of 11.678 seconds from only two completed runs.

Ashburton driver Anthony Prendergast book-stopped the other end of the field of the day’s competition in his tiny Austin, with his quickest run 21.304 seconds seeing him finish only 6.5 seconds behind his nearest rival.

-Ashuburton Guardian.

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