Tall trees in danger of hitting power lines

The Kāpiti Coast District Council is giving the Waikanae community a heads up about a future programme of work that Transpower is proposing to carry out at Waikanae Park to fell trees that have the potential to grow too big and hit power lines.

Transpower Stakeholder Engagement Manager Geoff Wishart says these works are regrettable but should be carried out to allow for the safety of park users and continued power supply to the region.

“We are working with the Council to develop a three year plan to remove some trees that are in danger of getting too close to the lines. Fast-growing, very tall trees such as redwoods pose a significant risk to safety and power supply.

“We’re discussing a replanting program involving smaller species with the Council, which may provide a better long-term solution for the park.

“We know that the trees are valuable to the character of the park and to the park’s users, so it’s important this work is done with care and a long-term vision,” said Mr Wishart.

Kāpiti Coast District Council Parks and Recreation Manager Alison Law says the Council will do what it can to minimise the need to remove too many trees and ensure the proposed works don’t adversely affect park users.

“We’re working collaboratively with Transpower to explore future opportunities for enhancing the park," said Ms Law.

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