Auckland dairy owner beaten in robbery

Watch the video below. Warning, it contains graphic images.

The family of an man brutally attacked in a robbery in Auckland have released CCTV footage of the assault.

In footage shared on Facebook, three people are seen forcing their way into the dairy Nanu Patel was closing up for the night.

The footage goes on to show Nanu being assaulted and the trio making their way through the shop.

Newshub reports one of the three men jumps over the counter and assaults Nanu's wife and their daughter,

Aggravated robberies in some parts of Auckland have risen more than 20 percent in the last year, despite a $1.8 million government security fund for small businesses.

The Patels want everyone to see the footage of their violent ordeal, in order to know the horror dairy owners are threatened with every day.

-Additional reporting Newshub