Mangawhai’s good sort

Steve Green Mangawhai’s ‘computer chap’

Steve Green is Mangawhai’s technology guru fondly known as the ‘computer chap’ and his tireless help around the community earned him a spot as One News’ ‘good sort’ of the week.

Before retiring in Mangawhai 10 years ago, Steve spent 50 years working in various computing roles starting in the United Kingdom and ending his professional career at a New Zealand software company.

 He was nominated for helping locals with technical issues, averaging three house calls a day — all at no charge.

After his three minutes of television fame Steve said he was amazed at how many saw the segment and even received a standing ovation at his weekly pub quiz.

His clientele originally started with his neighbours and word about his skill set soon spread around residents.

“When I started, the work was mostly PC related but in the last year-and-a-half it’s included phones and printers — it’s a combination of work.”

Some residents felt uncomfortable not paying Steve for his help so his reply to those wanting to make a financial contribution was to make a donation to their favourite charity.

“I like to think the donations have benefitted others in some way.

“Mangawhai has a magnificent community. I admire the spirit of the place, everyone is contributing one way or another. If everyone went on strike Mangawhai would die in a day — everyone loves mucking in.”

He says he would like to see ‘Steve Greens’ pop up in every community offering a free service, “that would be neat.”

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