Investigation into graffiti attack on train

Train graffiti. Image: Youtube.

The Rail and Maritime Transport Union is welcoming the announcement by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission of the opening of an enquiry into the attack on an Auckland passenger train by a graffiti gang at the weekend.

‘’The RMTU represents drivers and on-board crews that staff Auckland passenger trains and we are very concerned at what happened to this train last weekend," says RMTU General Secretary Wayne Butson.

"The incident certainly warrants investigation, given that passenger and public safety should be the highest priority for anyone responsible for the operation of a passenger rail network.

"Our members are telling us that the presence of the on-board Train Manager played a vital part in preventing the incident becoming more serious by ensuring the doors remained secure and calming passengers as the attack took place.

"We expect the investigators will fully examine the role played by the Train Manager and as well as measures that could prevent such incidents in the future.

"We look forward to the publication of TAIC’s findings when the investigation is complete."

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