How did the ducklings cross the road?

Whakatane driving instructor Marylou Bruys witnessed the event. Photo/Video: Marylou Bruys.

A video of a Whakatane Police officer helping ducks cross the road has been raising smiles across the country since it was posted on social media this morning.

The video shows the officer, alongside a member of the public, helping a duck and its ducklings to cross the road at a busy Whakatane roundabout.

Whakatane driving instructor Marylou Bruys posted the video to her driving school Facebook page this morning after witnessing the event whilst out driving with a student.

“I was just in a driving lesson and had come back from the heads," says Mary Lou.

"It was by Spice Guru at the bottom of the Strand.

“I said to my student to double check the roundabout because it has five roads coming off it, and I always have my students double check that one.

“The police officer caught my eye and I thought 'why is he bending down?' when I saw all these baby ducklings.

“They were heading towards the town and the officer, as well as a woman, hearded them and they came right across the crossing.

"I so I assume they were going back towards the river.

“I’ve been a driving instructor for a long time and I thought I’d seen it all.

“Today has made everyone smile,” says Marylou.

Watch the video below.

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