100 plus serious criminals walking free

Photo: Sunlive

Reports that over 100 serious criminals have escaped justice in South Auckland demands urgent answers from National Cabinet Ministers Paula Bennett, Amy Adams and Chris Finlayson, says New Zealand First.

“Today’s Sunday Star-Times goes to the very heart of justice not being done or even being seen to be done,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“It is appalling that over 100 criminals are on South Auckland’s streets, right now, despite police suspecting them of committing the most serious of crimes. This is lawlessness and disorder under National. 

“The Crown Solicitor for Manukau, Natalie Walker, of Kaye Walker Fletcher, is at the centre of what’s being reported by the Sunday Star-Times. It claims that compared with other Crown Solicitors, twice the percentage of files aren’t proceeding to Court in South Auckland.

“So is the Crown Solicitor for Manukau not up to it, or are police preparing poor files? Paula Bennett, Amy Adams and Chris Finlayson need to answer this and answer quickly.

“Minister Chris Finlayson split Auckland into two Crown Solicitor warrants in 2015, with Natalie Walker becoming the first Crown Solicitor for Manukau

“Minister Amy Adams has pushed Crown Solicitor bulk funding, so whether a case goes to trial or not, the Crown Solicitor and their supporting firm gets paid. That kind of funding model does not provide much incentive even if a file has serious merit to it.

“But if there are issues with the files that the Crown Solicitor is receiving from police, then Paula Bennett needs to front up and explain. If police have done their job and files are still not proceeding, that opens up a seriously big can of establishment worms."

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