Pest free progress

President of the Paparoa Lions Club Jim Rowlands and Pahi Pest Free volunteer Shaun Holland

Locals in Pahi and Paparoa are coming together to extend conservation efforts already made to make the Pahi peninsula pest free by 2020.

“It all started with what locals such as Paul Smith, Jim Rowlands and the Lions club are doing and have done,“ says Pahi Pest Free volunteer Shaun Holland.

In 1989 the Paparoa Lions got involved with a piece of land at the base of the Pahi peninsula and made it into a bush walk.

They took on pest control in the area, with ongoing help from the Department of Conservation and the Northland Regional Council. 

With other parts of New Zealand successfully becoming pest free, Shaun thought with Kaipara, although they don’t have any islands, they have peninsulas, so it would be really good to work on places like Pahi and Whakapirau.

"We’ll just go as far as we can.”

Currently the group is providing free rat stations and bait for Pahi residents and trapping possums and mustelids.

As well as making use of the free rat stations and bait, people can help by trapping possums themselves and recording any native birds and gecko’s they see around Pahi.

There are donation boxes in Paparoa shops and volunteers are also needed.

“It would also be really great to get together with other community pest control groups or individuals in other areas to share ideas and information,” says Shaun.

“For it to work it needs to be community driven. Kaipara is a beautiful place with lots of naturally beautiful wild places, but they need help because they are getting hit pretty hard.“ Email Shaun on

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