NZers so stupid – scammer

An Ashburton resident has been left feeling disconcerted after a phone scammer told her that they target New Zealand because the people are “stupid”.

The lady, who wished not to be named, says she managed to recognise that the phone call on Sunday was a scam early on.

Pretending to be from the New Zealand Tax Department – which raised the first red flag – the caller stated that a refund was waiting.

“He told me that I was going to receive a government tax refund.

“I knew straight away what was going on and I asked him if he was a scammer and he admitted it straight away.”

Scammers are renowned for abruptly ending any phone call in which their ruse is uncovered, but this particular phone call went into a lot more depth before it finally ended.

“I asked him why he didn’t get a real job and earn money properly like the rest of us.

“He said that this was easy money.”

When pressed as to why his group targeted New Zealand so much the caller was quite upfront.

“It’s because New Zealand people are so stupid and easy to fool.”

The woman pressed the caller for a bit longer before eventually hanging up on him after he proved to be unrelenting in his pursuit for getting an end result from the phone call.

“I just hung up on him after a while, he wouldn’t stop.

“It’s really concerning though, I’m young enough to realise what’s going on but what about someone who is a bit older and all they hear is the promise of free money.

“If all they hear is that the government want to give them a refund it could be very dangerous for them.”

Phone scammers are a constant threat in Ashburton with the Guardian aware of a number of different groups this year alone who have tried to ply their trade in the Ashburton District.

They have targeted both private residences and businesses.

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