New Zealanders split over legalising cannabis

Photo: File.

A new poll carried out by 1 NEWS suggests New Zealanders are almost equally divided on the subject of decriminalising cannabis.

The latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll shows just under half of the people canvassed (47 per cent) support the sale of cannabis as long as its sale and cultivation is regulated.

The poll was carried out in response to a proposal put forward by the Drug Foundation to treat cannabis as a health issue with the above regulations in place.

A group of 1007 voters were asked: "It has been suggested that the sale of cannabis should be legalised. Its cultivation and sale would be regulated. Do you support or oppose this idea?"

Some 41 per cent (two in five) oppose the proposal, while the remaining 12 per cent were unsure.

Among the statistics revealed by the poll, support for a change in the law was higher among Maori (71 per cent) and Green Party supporters (68 per cent).

It also ranked highly with those living in households with an annual household income of over $70,000, and up to $100,000 (59 per cent).

National Party supporters aged 55 and over (49 per cent) were more likely to oppose the legislation.

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