Singin’ in the Rain at Centrestage

More than 50 young people, all from local schools, are taking part in Centrestage Youth Theatre’s second show for the year, Singin’ in the Rain JR.

The cast members are aged 5–18 and supported by dozens of volunteers.

Centrestage Theatre’s vice president Sarah Searle says the theatre considers itself lucky to be able to present the NZ premiere of such a popular show.

She says the show features a rain machine and the cast is excited to be able to sing and dance in the ‘rain’ on stage.

Seven performances will take place, from July 18–22. Tickets $22 each from the theatre during box office hours or from

Pictured are Hollie Powderly who plays Kathy Selden (the part made famous by Debbie Reynolds in the 1952 movie) and James Hunter who plays Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly’s character in the film).

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