Iconic building presents new opportunities

Anchal, Heidi and daughter Priya outside the new Kaiwaka community space

The stand-out building in Kaiwaka’s main street nicknamed The Arc has been sold to area newcomers who have big plans for the building involving a shared community space.

Heidi Clark and her husband moved to the Kaiwaka area earlier this year from Muriwai.

“We took possession of the building on May 1 and set to work connecting with the community and finding out what the local needs are. We were pleasantly surprised to have some really nice conversations within Kaiwaka Care, Civil Defence, Food Bank, Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust and Neighbour Support about the facility.”

The couple are currently in the process of “sprucing up” the building by painting and renovating the space which has four rooms available for use.

“If people want to do hot desking that will be an option — there is a shared kitchen and there are still four rooms yet to be filled. We are hoping to attract wellness practitioners, counsellors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals that like the idea of a cooperative charitable trust and social entrepreneurs’ space. Therapy rooms, offices, workshop space and community meeting space are all available for rent on an hourly, daily or weekly basis,” she said.

Heidi says the project is fulfilling a dream to give back to the community directly in a meaningful way.

“It’s creating a space for other people to realise their own dreams, whether it be something like finding employment or starting their own business — it’s about achieving the highest potential. We are grateful to be in a position to help others.”

An open house and blessing ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 22 from 12-4pm.

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