New intern for radio

Jules Greer, Big River FM’s new intern in the studio

After finishing a 20 week course at the New Zealand School of radio in Tauranga, Jules Greer from Blenheim is Big River FM’s new intern.

After years travelling, deejaying and cheffing, Jules decided to switch and follow her passion for music. 

“I love music and I love people. I’ve spent most of my life travelling the world and going to gigs and my most valuable possessions in the world are my record collection and cd’s," says Jules.

So after a google search of jobs in music, she came across the idea of radio and signed up to the Tauranga course. The course taught her about all aspects of radio.

“I thought something would jump out, but I’ve actually enjoyed every part of it,” she said.

Eventually Jules would love to work for a record label and manage bands.

She sees this opportunity as a good stepping stone.

“Everyone that’s come through and done this internship is now working in the industry,” she said.

The internship is six months maximum. “Anaru helps to find out your strengths and weaknesses and helps us get into full-time employment, so we are free to go as soon as full-time work is found.”

Jules is also looking forward to spending time in the Kaipara.

“I got here on Sunday, June 11 and I‘ve been out meeting people and seeing what’s going on. I love it, everyone’s so friendly.” 

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