Council looks at special needs toilet amenities

Council staff are examining what would be required to provide specialised toilet and changing facilities within Blenheim’s CBD.

A submission to the Council’s annual plan called for safe facilities for changing and toileting needs for adults with special needs, including a hoist and adult-size changing table.

Currently there are some similar facilities available to the general public at Stadium 2000 in Kinross Street during the stadium operating hours although these are, at times, pre-booked by people using the Stadium.

Council’s Property and Community Facilities manager Jamie Lyall says inquiries are underway to see if another central location could be adapted and fitted out.

He says it would not be a public facility in the usual sense but accessed only by the families or carers of those requiring use of such specialised facilities, probably by way of a swipe card.

“This would be an amenity used by only a very few people with particular high needs and, given the level of vandalism at our public toilets, it would have to be accessible by security card only.”

Staff are considering whether it may be possible to convert part of existing toilet amenities at Liz Davison Place or the carparking building. Space was required for an adult-sized change table and hoist with room also to manoeuvre a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Location was the key issue, says Mr Lyall.

“We would even consider meeting the cost of installing all the necessary equipment if a commercial building owner in town could offer a suitable space."

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