Armed robbery at Warehouse

A reward is being offered by police for information about an armed robbery at the Dargaville Warehouse at 11pm on Sunday evening.

A number of offenders armed with weapons threatened Warehouse staff who were working before taking off with jewellery and cash.

Northland Police Detective Sergeant, Aaron Crawford says luckily no one was injured in the incident.

Police were carrying out a scene examination and retrieving CCTV footage.

“Night-fill team members who were working on Sunday night are resting at home and have been offered support if they would like it,” says Warehouse CEO Pejman Okhovat.

“We are working with police on the matter and we will continue to support the Dargaville team.”

Aaron says police will be offering a reward for any information provided through Crimestoppers as part of a recent stolen goods campaign.

To be eligible callers will need to provide their full details to Crimestoppers, or they can choose to remain anonymous. 

Contact Detective Shawn House on 09 430 4500 or contact Crimestoppers on 800 555 111.

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