Mountain biker crashes headfirst into tree

A 17-year-old mountain biker suffered a moderate head injury after crashing headfirst into a tree in Woodhill Forest northwest of Auckland on Thursday. Photos: ARHT

An incident involving a teenager who crashed headfirst into a tree has highlighted the importance of always wearing your bike helmet.

The 17-year-old suffered a moderate head injury after he crashed off his bike at Woodhill Mountain Bike Park, northwest of Auckland, on Thursday.

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust spokesperson Kerrie Spicer says the Westpac 2 chopper crew were dispatched to the scene at 2.45pm.

“The teenager had been with a school group at the time of the incident and was riding his mountain bike when he hit a tree root, went over the handlebars and crashed head first into a tree.

“Luckily he had been wearing a helmet because I his injury would have been a lot worse.”

Upon arriving at the scene, an ARHT Intensive Care Paramedic was winched down to the patient and he was treated for a head injury.

The teenager was subsequently airlifted to Auckland City Hospital in a moderate condition.