PM opens new training centre

Prime Minister Bill English opening the new EmployNZ building in Tauranga today. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

Prime Minister Bill English opened the new EmployNZ training centre in Tauranga this afternoon - an official duty on a short trip that also included an art gallery visit this morning.

Employ NZ transitions people from benefit dependency to higher levels of tertiary education training or employment through being recognised as part of a community.

They are agents of change and at the front lines of changing people’s lives, says Bill.

“I want to congratulate those who have shown this kind of confidence in the programmes they are delivering.

“This confidence in their own community and future particular for the young people but also their confidence that they have something very special and specific that their government is going to be able to support.”

His ribbon cutting was applauded by a crowd of about fifty people on the footpath near the front of the new building on Second Avenue.

Tauranga MP and Transport Minister Simon Bridges says Employ NZ does a great job of getting people into work and keeping them in work with its wraparound support.

In Tauranga Employ NZ has helped thousands of people into long term employment.

“The Prime Minister has been looking forward to doing this,” says Simon.

“He knows a lot about EmployNZ and the model that they have got, and it’s the sort of thing we want to see more of around New Zealand.

“EmployNZ is a sort of role model in this kind of work and it’s great that they are doing it here in Tauranga.”

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