Police driving home the no drink-drive message

Drink-driving is continuing to be a major problem on New Zealand roads and one of New Zealand Police’s operational objectives is to reduce road trauma.

Leading into the winter sport season, Canterbury Police will focus on sporting clubs and other social club rooms, in an attempt to keep the roads safe.

Police are encouraging drivers to choose not to drive home from their after-match functions after spending the evening drinking.

“We want to see people plan ahead to ensure they have a sober driver, use courtesy vans, share the designated driver duties and to look out for their friends," says Senior Sergeant Stephen McDaniel.

“Rural community members need to start taking care of each other.

Each winter sports season we see serious crashes involving sports players who are often from rural areas.

It's about looking after your mates at any post-match function, so that they can play the game next weekend as well, says Stephen.

“We also encourage businesses to take ownership of their host responsibilities. Please make sure alternative transport is easily accessible and available to patrons. Staff need to be vigilant by keeping an eye on their patrons."

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