Video of NZ storm kids hits 27 million views

Pukekos Educare in Thames. Photo: Pukekos Educare/Facebook.

A video clip of New Zealand pre-school children playing on a slide during a rain storm has been viewed 27 million times on social media.

Pukekos Educare in Thames posted the video on Facebook of the children sliding into a puddle of mud in the middle of a downpour.

"Spontaneous fun erupted this afternoon as the heavy (yet warm) rains come down in buckets.The efficient chain gang of teachers had a shower,warm fluffy towels and dry clothes at the ready!" the centre said.

The clips of the kids screaming with joy has been shared 359,644 times since it was posted on Wednesday.

It has attracted many comments raising safety and health issues, while others have celebrated the simple joy of play.

"By the millions of veiws (sic) shared I'm thinking how many adults have forgotten their childhoods? and why wouldn't they want this for their own children?" Pukekos Educare wrote in a comment.

"Feel like tinkerbell in Peter Pan losing our magic with non believers! and then yesterday it awoke some of the adults in remembering what it was to have this type of childhood and some of the magic came back!"

It has been very wet in the Bay of Plenty as former Cyclone Debbie passed through, followed by Cyclone Cook.

Hundreds of people have been displaced from the town of Edgecumbe.