Pair face unlawful hunting charge

Photo: File.

Two men have been charged with unlawful hunting after they were caught butchering a stag they had shot in north Canterbury.

The pair were found by the land owner of a sheep station in Waiau, Hurunui, On March 29th.

In a statement released earlier today, Sergeant Graeme Crosson of Hurunui Police, said: "The land owner did not known they were on his property until he heard rifle shots. 

"He sought shelter in a safe place until he was able to speak with the men safely."

The two Hurunui men, aged 53 and 26, have been charged with unlawful hunting, which carries a maximum fine of $100,000 and two years imprisonment. 

They will be appear in Christchurch District Court on May 9th.

"Police are very concerned about this offending," added Sergeant Crossonit. "It was extremely dangerous.

"Hunting unlawfully puts other people who may be in the area at risk. It could have potentially fatal consequences. 

"This risk is heightened at this time of year due to the “Roar” being in progress.

Police are urging all land owners and station managers to contact police immediately if they discover people unlawfully on their land.

"They can be assured that the appropriate action will be taken against anyone carrying out this type of offending," said Sergeant Crossonit

"Hunters need to ensure they obtain permission from the land owner or permits from the Department of Conservation."

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