’Have my emails disappeared’ asks Vodafone customer

After more than a month of back-and-forth with Vodafone, an Auckland local board member says he is still not receiving all the emails that are supposed to be forwarding from his old Vodafone address. Graeme Easte said he knew there was a problem in December...... Read More

NZ’s top ten most connected holiday hotspots

Opito Bay has been named the most connected holiday hotspot in New Zealand, according to data that’s just been released by Vodafone. Opito Bay experienced a large spike in data usage over the summer period, up 735 percent compared to the first...... Read More

Think twice about sharing online

Police are encouraging people to exercise caution when conducting themselves online. Anyone using dating sites and apps needs to be very careful when developing relationships online, says Senior Sergeant Stephen McDaniel. He says it’s extremely...... Read More

Tauranga traffic lights fault blamed on lightning

The Brookfield lights in Tauranga were out again on Wednesday, just 24 hours after being fixed by TCC contractors. The 36 lights on the intersection have been faulty since the weekend, a situation people who have contacted SunLive are happy about as...... Read More

Potentially faulty microchips replaced for free

Some Hamilton dog owners will need to get their pets re-microchipped after a potential fault has been found with Virbac BioTec microchips fitted between 2009 and 2012. Microchipping is a key way a dog can be identified and safely returned home if it...... Read More

Ready to use, straight out of the printer

A new lab in Lower Hutt, north of Wellington, is helping businesses build things like satellite components, sensors for robots and medical devices almost as soon as they are designed. The AdLab specialises in "additive manufacturing" - making...... Read More

Storm causes major damage to power network

Wild weather from last week’s storm event created severe disruption across Franklin’s power network. Extreme winds, driving rain and flooding resulted in major damage to the network and long power outages for up to 1300 properties. Flying...... Read More

Some homes still without power

Around 200 homes are without electricity, some still cut off after storms affected power supplies. This morning 65 Powerco customers in Mount Maunganui, who have been without power since Saturday, were waiting for their supply to be restored. Storm...... Read More

NZers not immune from Intel computer chip flaw

A design flaw affecting Intel computer chips is more serious than a computer virus outbreak, according to a New Zealand technology commentator, because the vulnerability is built in and therefore harder to contain. Intel, the world's leading computer...... Read More

NZ firm helps unlock mysteries of space

Precision optics made in New Zealand are at the heart of a new astronomical instrument about to start operating in the Canary Islands. Lenses from Lower Hutt are part of the wide-field multi-object spectroscopy project (WEAVE) which will probe discoveries...... Read More