Police warn of new phone scam targeting NZ

If you receive an angry call from someone seeking compensation for car damages, hang up. Police have identified a new telephone scam targeting New Zealanders. Calling from an international number that's then redirected through a local number,...... Read More

Server error pauses NCEA English exam

More than 3000 students sitting an NCEA level one English exam were affected by a server error which stopped the digital assessment for ten minutes. The error meant students weren't able to connect to the exam software. Andrea Gray from the Qualifications...... Read More

Fraud on the rise: customers on track to lose $70m

New Zealand customers are losing almost 15 per cent more to scammers than they did last year. Provisional data from the country’s banks suggests customers are on track to lose about $70 million in fraud-related scams this year, says Banking...... Read More

Council urged to apologise over email blocking

The Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier has recommended the Horowhenua District Council apologise to the Mayor Michael Feyen and four others for blocking their emails. They complained to the Ombudsman about being included on an email quarantine list where...... Read More

Science body teams up with NASA for ecology mission

New Zealand's Centre for Space Science Technology (CSST) has partnered with NASA to measure the temperature of plants, to find out how they respond to stress. NASA has delivered its ECOSTRESS instrument, which is roughly the size of a refrigerator,...... Read More

NZ tech changing global agricultural landscape

New Zealand agritech companies are creating world-first technology to help feed the world and lead the way in their industry, AgritechNZ chief executive Peter Wren-Hilton says. Technology is making life easier, from eco-friendly cars to faster software...... Read More

Lime recalls all e-scooters made by Okai

The company that supplies e-scooters to Christchurch and Auckland has issued a global recall for one of its models. The California-based company Lime is actively looking into reports that scooters manufactured by the Chinese company, Okai, may break. In...... Read More

Rocket Lab launches commercial rocket

Rocket Lab launched its first commercial Electron Rocket from Mahia Peninsula at 4.50pm today. Several attempts to launch its "Business Time" rocket in June and July were unsuccessful, due to problems with a motor controller or bad weather. But...... Read More