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Pharmacy wins battle with govt for right to sell kombucha

A Wellington pharmacy has won an expensive legal battle with the government over the right to sell kombucha. WellWorks co-owner Ben Latty has won a legal battle with the government to sell kombucha at his pharmacy. Like any pharmacy, Wellness Works...... Read More

Addiction services back govt move on synthetic cannabis

Organisations working with people addicted to synthetic cannabis are backing the government's plan to take a less punitive and more health-based approach towards them. Over the past year more than 50 people have died as a result of taking synthetic...... Read More

Govt action on synthetics drugs crisis applauded

The NZ Drug Foundation has welcomed the Government’s response to synthetic drug deaths. The response strikes a balance between giving law enforcement the tools they need to target criminal networks and changing drug law to make it easier for...... Read More

Towns throughout NZ worried about drugs and housing crisis

People in working class communities are most concerned about the effects of drug abuse and the housing crisis on their neighbourhoods. The Salvation Army said these social problems are holding back communities from thriving and it's calling on...... Read More

5000 people vaccinated in Northland for men-W

More than 5000 Northland children and teenagers have been vaccinated against the new W strain of meningococcal disease. That's a quarter of the number that Northland Health aims to immunise before 21 December. The disease has killed three people...... Read More

Increase in tongue-tie cuts result of hospital rush - GP

A Wellington doctor says pressure to get new mothers breast-feeding quickly is driving up the increase in tongue-tie cuts in new-born babies. Tongue-tie procedures involve snipping a tissue or band connecting a baby's tongue to the lower jaw, to...... Read More

Abortion topic sparks pro-life response

To deny humanity of an unborn child is appalling. That’s the opinion of pro-life advocates who are applauding the Bay of Plenty District Health Board for not providing a surgical abortion service in Tauranga. Right to Life spokesman Ken Orr says...... Read More

Pool safety laws too lax - doctor

A leading paediatrician wants a reversal of pool fencing law changes, saying they have made safety too slack and children's lives are at risk. The Auckland Council is telling pool owners to make their pools safe as summer approaches in order to...... Read More

Job applicants face mental health discrimination - Greens

A Green Party investigation has concluded that there appears to be widespread discrimination against job applicants with mental health issues. The investigation was launched after Green Party spokesperson for mental health Chloe Swarbrick held hui...... Read More