Relief teachers: Music schools set to rethink hiring policies

Music schools will now be reconsidering who relieves their classes, after a Wellington music school potentially employed a sex offender as a reliever. The Ministry of Education was notified by Island Bay School on Wednesday that a sex offender, who had...... Read More

Early childhood educators will be forced to get qualified

The government has told home-based early childhood businesses to get their carers qualified or lose access to subsidies totalling more than $150 million-a-year. It has announced a new requirement that all home-based carers must have at least a level...... Read More

Northland principals urge crackdown on parents over truancy

Some Northland parents are falsely claiming that they're homeschooling their children when tackled over truancy, a principal says. Northland has the highest truancy rates in the country, and principals are urging the Ministry of Education to crackdown...... Read More

Officials warned government against mega-polytech merger

Officials last year warned the government not to merge the 16 polytechnics into a single institute, briefing papers show. The papers show the Education Ministry advised that creating a single mega-polytechnic offered the greatest potential savings,...... Read More