New advice on methamphetamine contamination

Real estate agents must tell prospective house buyers if a property has methamphetamine contamination of 15 micrograms per 100cm2 or above, says the Real Estate Authority. The new advice follows the May 2018 report from the office of the prime minister’s...... Read More

Doctor visits appalling homes of sick Kiwi kids

Leading New Zealand doctor and health system disruptor Dr Lance O’Sullivan says rental properties owned by the government are in appalling third world conditions which is directly burdening the nation’s health system. Dr O’Sullivan...... Read More

KCE completes handover of customers to Trustpower

Customers of electricity retailer and generator King Country Energy have had their energy services transferred to Trustpower. The handover was completed in mid-July, following an announcement in March of a joint venture takeover of KCE by shareholders...... Read More

Mangere housing development ’long overdue’ - local board

A major housing development in Mangere will revitalise an area that has been neglected for too long, the Mangere-Ōtāhūhū Local Board says. Housing Minister Phil Twyford announced yesterday that Mangere will have 10,000 new houses in a redevelopment...... Read More

Mangere redevelopment means 10,000 new homes

The Government will transform Mangere with an ambitious programme to build 10,000 new homes for families from all walks of life, Minister of Housing and Urban Development Phil Twyford has announced. Minister Phil Twyford today opened the Mangere Development...... Read More

Makeovers considered for run-down schools

The government is considering improving the appearance of run-down, unpopular schools as a way of boosting their enrolments, and setting minimum standards for the visual appearance of school property. A Cabinet paper said the appearance of schools...... Read More

Renters group pushes for tougher laws for landlords

Dozens of tenants sick of mouldy, cold and outright dangerous homes are backing a campaign for tougher laws for landlords. The plan from the Renters United group calls for stricter rules to ensure people are charged fair rent for houses that meet minimum...... Read More

First state house tenant among new board

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Phil Twyford has announced the appointment of three new members of the board of Housing New Zealand (HNZ), including the first state house tenant to be on its board since the corporation was created in 2001. “I...... Read More

Diplomat gets out of paying landlords due to immunity

A foreign diplomat will not have to pay out any money to her Wellington landlord because of diplomatic immunity. Eva Tvarozkova leased the Karaka bays property on a fixed-term tenancy agreement for three years in 2015. However, six months later she...... Read More