Arrested NZ resident faces murder charges in Fiji

Police investigators in the Nausori Highlands following the deaths of five members of the same family. Photo: Facebook/ Fiji Police

Huge crowds are gathered at the Nadi Magistrates Court in Fiji today after news broke a man had been charged in relation to the deaths of a family in the Nausori Highlands last month.

Police have charged a man who holds Permanent Residency status in New Zealand with five counts of murder and one of attempted murder in relation to the deaths of the family of five from Legalega.

He is due to appear in court today, but police have not specified the time as they try to control the crowd.

At the end of last month three generations of the same family were discovered by a farmer who also found a baby crying with the bodies at the top of the Highlands cliffs.

Post mortem findings indicated possible poisoning with a substance thought to be ingested by the family.

A brother and uncle of the dead, Raj Kumar, was outside the court this morning and said a lot of people had turned up to see what will happen.

Mr Kumar was at the police station on Saturday when he learnt there was progress in the case.

"There was the last interview for the little girl. So we were in the station and police, police told me that 'we have already arrest him', and he was in the custody."

He said after today's hearing he is expecting the case may be transferred to the High Court in Lautoka.

Raj Kumar said the attempted murder charge related to the so called 'miracle baby' found with the bodies on the morning of 26 August.

"Attempt to murder is the little girl, was found near the bodies. Five charges will be the dead ones, the family dead. Plus one was the little girl. She was from Australia. She was found on the body, the dead body. That's attempt to, attempt to murder. So there are six charges."

Raj Kumar said the family is very happy that at least police have laid charges and the suspected man, who has been living in their village under a 'stop departure order' is now in custody and facing the courts.