Auckland man who murdered mother sentenced to minimum 10 years jail

An Auckland man who murdered his mother and set fire to her Mt Roskill home has been given a life sentence with a minimum non-parole period of 10 years.

Linda Edwards' body was found inside her razed one bedroom unit on Rainford Street in November 2016.

Her son Kiri Paul Patira Brackenridge was later charged with murder, arson and dishonestly using her bank card.

He was 25 years old when he strangled her to death before stealing her bank card to buy petrol which he used to set her sofa alight.

He admitted killing his mother but stood trial in the High Court Auckland in May - his defence lawyer Marie Dyhrberg QC arguring he was legally insane at the time.

Brackenridge appeared for sentencing this morning, where the court heard his journal writings showed he believed the sun god told him his mother was evil.