National Party leader Simon Bridges ejected from Parliament during Question Time

National Party leader Simon Bridges. - Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

Opposition leader Simon Bridges has been booted out of Parliament's debating chamber for disputing whether he'd made a barnyard noise.

House Speaker Trevor Mallard chastised the National party leader during Question Time for making a noise he said would be unacceptable in a junior classroom.

Mr Bridges said the Speaker was being unprofessional and making him out to be a naughty boy. The Speaker then ordered him to leave.

Mr Bridges said it showed the Speaker had different standards for the opposition than those on the government benches.

"Nothing wrong by me, a situation where on the other side Winston Peters plays silly buggers, you then see it from those around him and that's somehow charming.

"I think the public will see it for what it really is."