Solar powered Desert Road event plays tunes

Image Supplied.

The Sunsonics Solar Tour hit the Desert Road on Saturday with huge landscapes, big skies and amazing artists.

The Tukino Skifield Access Road rest area on the Desert Road was filled with sounds powered by the Sun.

Creative Environment put the event on for free to demonstrate the power of off-grid Solar with their Sunsonics Solar generator and 10,000W of hi fidelity sound system to the Desert Road.

Ed Zuccullo (Trinity Roots) played a beautiful set of synthesised sounds with his vintage analogue keyboards and effects as well as new fresh tunes self produced under the the name ‘Zuke’.

Coromandel sound engineer Matt Sephton says that Ed played an incredible set that blended with the surrounding landscape - at times ambient and gentle like the wind in the tussock then building into huge bass heavy breaks reminiscent of the power, shapes and peaks of the surrounding mountains.

Passers by stopped to see the spectacle of solar and music combined. Some danced, others we’re just amazed at what they had discovered, while Ed Zuccollo played into the incredible landscape.

Creative Environment Director Al Sorley says the event was a huge success in demonstrating another step in improving and leading the sustainability aspirations of events, and gave the public the opportunity to experience solar power in such a unique situation and environment.

The Sunsonics Solar Tour continues and will be nestled in the forest next Saturday 2nd February, alongside the river under Mount Karangahake.