Still no access for St Clair slip evacuees in Dunedin

Photo: RNZ.

The occupants of six houses in the Dunedin suburb of St Clair remain out of their homes, three weeks after being evacuated due to a slip opening in the area.

As a result of heavy rainfall in December 2018 a number of properties in St Clair Dunedin have been affected by a significant landslip.

There are a total of eight claims lodged with EQC. Of these properties six have been deemed unsafe to occupy until further investigative work is complete.

Assessors and engineers visited the properties within days of the slip to assess immediate threat. As a result of this visit Surveyors were engaged, and an investigative and monitoring plan agreed.

Monitoring pegs were situated across the landslip immediately prior to Christmas to assist in identifying any further movement.

Specialists were back on site yesterday and during the site visit surveyors analysed the data collected since placing the pegs in late December.

Further minor movement was observed and our specialists have determined that further monitoring of at least two weeks is required.

After this further geo technical work and inspection is likely. Geo technical work usually involves machinery and soil sampling. It is important to determine the stability of the land to allow machinery access.

An update has been provided to all parties including the information from the visits yesterday so that DCC can make an informed decision on the occupancy of the homes.

All customers will be contacted again next week to provide a further update.

Our role after an event like this is to determine the level of damage caused, and identify appropriate repair strategies or settlement options.