Restricted fire season

The Kaipara District entered permit only status for open fires on December 1

Fire and Emergency NZ have placed a Restricted Fire Season status on the Kaipara District from December 1, regardless of the current weather situation, in preparation for the upcoming summer season.

Members of the public are required to apply for a permit before lighting an outside fire.

The fire permit issued includes specific conditions to help light the proposed fire safely and prevent it from getting out of control and spreading but does not include barbecues, hangi or umu.

Some authorised fire types may be allowed in the area without a permit during a restricted fire season, and the permit application process will identify if this is necessary.

Northland area fire risk management officer, Roy Brickell, said it is important to have a fire in a safe place. “Just being aware of anything overhead and not to close to your neighbours so that you don’t cause any aggravation,” he said and added a reminder to check household fire alarms.

It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly light, or allow another person to light a fire in the open air without a fire permit, or not in accordance with the conditions of a fire permit, during a restricted fire season. There is also a requirement to comply with district and regional council burning restrictions under the Resource Management Act.

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