Good news for motorists

Mark Stockdale, AA Petrolwatch spokesperson, considers fuel prices could drop further

Kaipara motorists are enjoying the drop in fuel prices at the pump after reaching around $2.40 a litre for 91 in September this year.

The current average price in the district is $2.11 a litre.

AA Petrolwatch spokesperson, Mark Stockdale, attributes the reduction to continual drops in commodity prices and the strengthening New Zealand dollar, which is now at the highest level since August. 

“This brings petrol prices to the lowest level seen since April, and diesel the lowest since June,” he said.

“Fuel company margins have also risen since the middle of the year, notably since the introduction of the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax in July, so at current margins pump prices could fall further.”

With the Christmas break approaching, that is good news for holidaymakers, though a certain amount of scepticism is held by some members of the public.

“The prices will probably go up again because they know we need fuel for the extra travelling we do over the holidays, and they can make more money off us,” said a Dargaville resident.

Reportedly the landed fuel cost rises and falls with variances in the New Zealand dollar, but Stockdale feels that some prices changes are unwarranted by service station owners.

Regarding the September price rises, he said, “margins were well above average — the highest for over a year — and fuel companies should have really been cutting prices, not raising them.”

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