NZ’s ’first serial killer’ released from prison on parole

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The man dubbed New Zealand's first serial killer has been released from prison.

Hayden Poulter has been given parole after serving time at Whanganui Prison.

He had been serving three life sentences after being convicted of murdering a massage parlour owner and two prostitutes in 1996, as well as rape and attempted murder.

The crimes resulted in Poulter being dubbed by the media as the nation's first ever serial killer.

He is regarded as a moderate risk of reoffending and will be subject to 11 standard parole conditions for life, 15 special conditions for a period of five years, and banned from consuming alcohol and drugs for the remainder of his life.

Poulter will be monitored by GPS for the next five years.

Questions about where Poulter was going to stay were not answered by the New Zealand Parole Board or the Department of Corrections.

In a Parole Board decision from 2011, the board said the brutal offending was of the worst kind imaginable.

The board was also anxious that Poulter was suppressing another personality and there may be circumstances where that might reappear.

Two years later Poulter said he had done away with his alter ego named 'Hell', the persona which he said urged him to kill women.

He had completed an adult sex offender treatment programme and he said he now took full responsibility for his offending.