Being aware of what we put on our skin

With consumers, there is a shift in awareness as to what we are applying to our skin which I fully believe is important. As a therapist, I want to deliver results, which requires super active ingredients to give stunning results to clients.  Recently...... Read More

New rules announced for birthday upgrades

Birthdays are a great idea and we recommend you consider having one regularly, at least once a year. This has been topical in our  household recently, as a family member  who shall remain anonymous is celebrating  a major milestone. We...... Read More

Focusing on the ‘can,’ not the ‘cannot’

“Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow.” Swedish proverb. In the past, the number of times I’ve worried and worked myself up over a situation are too many to count. The more time I spent worrying over something, the bigger...... Read More

Teenagers and employment – what you need to know

With businesses already advertising for summer staff, it’s the perfect opportunity for teenagers to earn a bit of extra pocket money over the holidays, or even pick up a part-time job to fit in around their schooling. But it’s important...... Read More

Outlaw public sale of whitebait

First they wanted to kill off the tahr, now they’re trying to wipe out our trout. The lunatic green fringe of government has murderous intent lurking behind its ‘peace and conservation’ façade. We’re talking about one...... Read More

Giving your skin a well-deserved spring clean

When you spring-clean your home, you go above and beyond the basics to achieve that sparkling, fresh feeling. Spring is the season to give the same careful attention to your skin. Here are some tips to renew skin that might be looking dull and dry...... Read More

Growing your own hair back naturally

If you’re suffering from hair loss and looking for a solution, SRS Hair Clinic is your go-to. Their scientific methods and natural treatments are currently achieving results for 85 per cent of clients seeking to reduce hair loss and restore growth. SRS...... Read More

Highway robbery

Stand and deliver, suckers! Once upon a time,  highway robbers were the swashbuckling, handsome rascal types who thrust their demands and hips in front of the stagecoach pointing a flintlock and boldly declared their evil intentions. Sure, they...... Read More

The beauty of our flaws

“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandise the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.” Barbara Bloom. Imagine taking something...... Read More

Politics - we're all doomed

As a middle aged, white, tax-paying male, I’ve come to understand that I’m the lowest of the low in modern social commentary. Everything I say is automatically sexist, racist, homophobic or insert-other-failings-here. Going by recent events...... Read More

Sporking about with the lingo

Some of the world’s most troubling dilemmas have been tackled on this page in the 18 years Rogers has  been Rabbiting. One of those issues was solved in 2015 when we finally clarified, for the benefit of the world, the correct protocol for...... Read More

Cats get stressed too!

Our lives are constantly changing, and that can generate stress not only for us but also for our feline friends. Cats are generally solitary and are finely tuned to our body language, tone of voice and our moods and emotions.  Cats often find...... Read More

Dealing with skin tags

Do you have those annoying skin tags that will often appear on your neck, underarm, groin and under the breast area? They can catch on your clothing and be most uncomfortable and sometimes unsightly.  Did you know they can be easily treated with...... Read More

Values and focus

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” George Lucas. Research shows that writing down our values, and focusing on how much our day reflects those values, takes us through a self-affirming process. In the short term it enables...... Read More

The animal world in pictures

Rogers recently ventured overseas to visit relatives in some far-flung continents. During these travels,  we made some observations about the animal world. NZ being remote islands doesn’t  have the same variety of critters as most other...... Read More

Love versus judgement

“If you judge people you have no time to love them.”  – Mother Teresa.   Most of us have a fear of being judged by others. Sometimes it causes us to hide who we are for fear of that judgement, because we can be all too...... Read More

Supplements: do we need them?

I feel you really need to look at what you eat, when you eat, where has your food been sourced and how it is stored, packaged and prepared. Then look at what stresses you are under, your health and what stage of life you are at. With all of these answered,...... Read More

Treasures in an era of texts and emails

Rogers is incommunicado this week, out on the high seas catching his dinner. So we’ve got a guest writer to pen some letters on letters.     It was an innocent note penned after a high school graduation dinner one night in October...... Read More

Making the choice

"Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” – Emory Austin. When I lived in a community with other Christians we had regular times when we would gather together for a time of singing and worship and sometimes...... Read More