The animal world in pictures

Rogers recently ventured overseas to visit relatives in some far-flung continents. During these travels,  we made some observations about the animal world. NZ being remote islands doesn’t  have the same variety of critters as most other...... Read More

Love versus judgement

“If you judge people you have no time to love them.”  – Mother Teresa.   Most of us have a fear of being judged by others. Sometimes it causes us to hide who we are for fear of that judgement, because we can be all too...... Read More

Supplements: do we need them?

I feel you really need to look at what you eat, when you eat, where has your food been sourced and how it is stored, packaged and prepared. Then look at what stresses you are under, your health and what stage of life you are at. With all of these answered,...... Read More

Treasures in an era of texts and emails

Rogers is incommunicado this week, out on the high seas catching his dinner. So we’ve got a guest writer to pen some letters on letters.     It was an innocent note penned after a high school graduation dinner one night in October...... Read More

Making the choice

"Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” – Emory Austin. When I lived in a community with other Christians we had regular times when we would gather together for a time of singing and worship and sometimes...... Read More

Mr Trump could be right about fake news

I was watching a documentary with the grandchildren and quickly became suspicious about the information screened. It was a dramatisation of the life of early mankind; when prehistoric beings roamed the earth with dinosaurs and lived in caves and somehow...... Read More

What’s the fuss about turmeric?

It is difficult to think of any chronic disease that is not either caused or worsened by inflammation.  Today, we are going to look more closely at the inflammatory process and how diet and supplements can help create normal inflammatory balance....... Read More

Climate change meeting a huge success

I’m pleased to report huge success with our latest climate change meeting recently. The meeting was required because  my colleagues and I discovered, after extensive research, that the New Zealand climate currently is, according to our highly...... Read More

Where is your focus?

“How you treat yourself is how you are inviting the world to treat you.” Unknown. People will see you in the same way you see yourself - if you focus on the positives within rather than the negatives, then that’s what others will...... Read More

Beautiful skin begins in the gut

Gut health is a topic that keeps crossing my path, and I have recently stopped to pay attention. Dr Michael Mosley was one of the first experts I heard on the subject.  My interest was piqued after hearing him speak on the radio, so when I came...... Read More

Here’s to your good health

I hope you have some   Something seems to be sneezing its way through the Bay and people are hiding away in their homes to heal. Rogers has crawled into his warren to get better, so we've got this column from August 2009 for you this week....... Read More

What’s the fuss about turmeric (part 1)

Curcumin extracted from turmeric is probably the most studied of all natural compounds. There are research papers that cover everything from its anti-antioxidant capacity, to it helping our cancer defences, to it helping protect brain cells against...... Read More

Times of refreshment

“In a society that says, ‘Put yourself last’ self-love and self-acceptance are almost revolutionary.” - Brené Brown One way of looking at this concept, and being able to understand that we are not being selfish when we...... Read More

Spring clean your finances

Spring means new beginnings. The next three months can be the most financially stable months in any calendar year. Christmas shopping is still a way off, and life feels better with the sun setting later. The next three months is your time in the sun...... Read More

NZ’s systematic bullying and censorship

Much has been said about the so-called ‘controversial’ Canadian speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. The only decisive result from the saga is proof that NZ is infested with systematic bullying and censorship. It stems from the...... Read More

Winter reflections

“Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the autumn is missing the best part of the whole year, for gardening begins in winter with the dream.” Josephine Neuse. Winter can be a time for reflection, hot chocolate and...... Read More

Hazards in remote locations

The week started with a major catastrophe in the Rogers household. I dropped the television remote control in my bowl of soup. My lovely wife had just been in the kitchen grilling, I mean asking, in a concerned and constructive way, if I had a column...... Read More

What’s right for you?

Retirement villages continue to grow in popularity, with more than 80 new villages proposed throughout New Zealand. As of November last year, there were 382 villages across the country, housing 38,741 people, according to Jones Lang LaSalle’s...... Read More

Fortunes for tunes

A few sweet notes equal banknotes Some of the world's most  important inventions – despite being discoveries that have changed the course of humanity – have left their creators penniless. Meanwhile some of the most inane songs...... Read More