Where is your market?

By: Stan Gregec

I would say the hottest topic for small businesses at present is ‘marketing’.

I believe this is because the digital world has brought about such a dramatic change to the way we deliver our marketing that most small businesses owners are still grappling to keep up.

The ways you can now reach your market via the digital world can take many businesses global in an instant. This is still an unbelievable concept for most small business owners and the biggest question I feel they battle with answering is, which will be the most effective for my business?

Unfortunately there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

Recently I facilitated a discussion with a group of small business owners asking them ‘Where is your market?’, ‘Who are they?’ and ‘Where do they hang out?’

It was amazing the productive work we achieved by stepping back from our normal day of work and asking these three simple questions.

At times we can see our potential customers as faceless mystery people that we don’t understand. But this is not the case. It is about thinking carefully about who exactly is your potential customer?

What do they like? And what is most important to them? When you see them as an ‘actual’ person you can then begin to relate your marketing messages and build your online activity to directly target that person or group of people that fit that profile. I encourage you to embrace what the digital world can offer your business and invest in learning how to harness its power to grow your business - it will be worth it!

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