Giving your skin a well-deserved spring clean

When you spring-clean your home, you go above and beyond the basics to achieve that sparkling, fresh feeling. Spring is the season to give the same careful attention to your skin.

Here are some tips to renew skin that might be looking dull and dry after winter.

Firstly, introduce a skin-soaking ritual to intensify topical hydration. After cleansing, immerse a muslin cloth into warm water, wring out excess water, then cover your face with the cloth and press into your skin.

Take three, deep, slow breaths per soak (three soaks per session). Immediately apply serums and moisturiser to lock all that precious moisture into your skin. Soaking morning and night will plump out fine lines and wrinkles and visibly improve the look and feel of your skin.

Next, add an exfoliation step into your spring routine, just once or twice per week. But nothing harsh - gentle is essential.

The Janesce Enzyme Peel is one of my favourites. It uses fruit acids, which are extremely effective at revealing a fresh complexion, but still leave the protective upper layers of the skin healthy and intact.

And lastly, treat yourself to a new shade of lipstick for spring. We have
just stocked Luk Lipsticks, which
drew attention at the Sydney Beauty Expo in September.

Lipsticks are often full of synthetic chemicals, but Luk lipsticks are made from lip-nourishing food ingredients. Based on the premise that “what goes on, goes in”, Luk lipsticks are food active, toxin-free and 100 per cent natural and they have a glorious range of colours to brighten your spring.

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