Problem skin in teenagers can be helped

It’s no secret that many teenagers experience times when their skin is affected by conditions such as acne and excessive oil flow. This can vary, but too often is associated with varying degrees of self-esteem and image issues.

The first rule is to clean the skin thoroughly. That means buying a good quality gel cleanser from a reputable clinic that will help lift the oil and dirt from the skin properly.

Used correctly, morning and night, with a clean face cloth to wipe the cleanser away, can make a significant difference. Remember that we are cleaning, so it involves a bit of work to be thorough - not just a quick wave of the fingers.

Your local therapist will be able to show you soft granular or enzyme exfoliants that won’t cut or scratch the skin. For many teens, using an exfoliant up to three times a week will help remove grime and excess dead skin cells

Always wear sunscreen every day, no matter what the weather conditions might be or how long you will be out in the sun.

Finally, look for a clinic that can offer a professional skin analysis to assist you in choosing the correct home care for your teenager, as well as any in-clinic treatments that could help control their problematic skin conditions.