Skin benefits of vitamin A

I often get asked: "What is your favourite skincare brand?” and I have to say I don't actually have one particular favourite brand.

What I do like are particular ingredients that healthy skin must have.

These would be my favourite base of ingredients, then depending on what skin condition I am treating I will add further elements to them.

Firstly, as our skin has vitamin A (which is actually a hormone) naturally occurring in it, this is a must. Vitamin A is necessary for repairing and maintaining the regeneration of cellular DNA.

It is depleted with sun exposure.

For new users, vitamin A creams should be a lower dose and gradually build up to a higher dose as it can aggravate the skin. Remember, vitamin A degrades by exposure to light and air, so a high-quality product is a must if you want results.

Healthy food, good quality supplements and cosmeceutical creams and gels can also give us vitamin A. Secondly, hyroulonic acid exists naturally in our skin and is what cells bathe in, giving us our hydration and suppleness.

It plays a vital role in the aging process if natural levels are depleted.

Cells function optimally when they have  enough water.

Hyroulonic Acid is useful in all climates, and the cooler the weather, the worse the effects on the skin will be.

Air conditioning can also be damaging.

The more hydrated the skin, the better the  skin’s protection.

Hyroulonic acid can hold 1000 times its own weight in water, so plays a vital role in the ageing process if natural levels are depleted in the skin.

Finally, anti-oxidants are used to help counteract the effects caused by free radicals (which are continually being formed by our environment, such as sun exposure, computer screens and fluorescent light. They even occur naturally from stress, which is harmful to skin health.  

Many ingredients, such as peptides and tyrosinase inhibitors complement antioxidants to improve cellular function. Antioxidants are ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

For a healthy skin I would look at these ingredients initially, then move onto more specific ingredients targeting the concerns you have.

Eat well, drink well, sleep well and enjoy.