Merry Christmas from Mount Vet Hospital

By: Joerg Thamm

As we come into the holiday season, we know how important pets are to our families and
we want to give you a few tips on taking care of them at this time of year.

Inevitably, over Christmas we will have lots of delicious food around, however save this for your human families.

Foods like chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and raisins are all toxic to dogs.

We also need to be careful with food, such as cheese and fat from meat as these can cause an illness called pancreatitis, which causes them to vomit and have diarrhea.

It is best to keep our pets on their regular diet over the holiday period to avoid any illnesses.

With the weather heating up, we also need to take care when taking our pets in the car.

They should never be left in the car at this time of year even if the windows are slightly open or if you are only planning to be gone for a few minutes.

In just 10 minutes the temperature in your car can increase from 24 degrees to 38 degrees, and after half-an-hour it could be up to 50 degrees.

This is enough to kill your pets or cause severe heat stroke or dehydration.

It is important they have access to plenty of water throughout the day, especially when they are getting exercise.

They also need to be able to get out of the sun during the day when you’re away.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing all of our clients in the New Year.

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