Raising brows and improving them

By: Shelley Foster

Eyebrows are easily overlooked in our daily makeup routine, but they shouldn’t be. Well-defined, beautifully-groomed brows frame our face, lend an air of quiet elegance and make our faces more expressive.

If you’re not sure about that last claim, try noticing how often your brow muscles move, almost unconsciously, in the next 30 minutes.

The tricky thing with brows is that they sometimes stage a disappearing act. This can be due to over-plucking in our youth (remember when barely there was all the rage?), the result of an under-active thyroid or simply a natural result of ageing.

I am in my 60s and the last third of my brows are virtually non-existent now. There are substantial gaps in what remains and I fill those gaps everyday using the Jane Iredale ‘Great Shape’ Eyebrow Kit.

It’s part of my essential routine, even if I am not wearing makeup.

I recommend having your eyebrows professionally shaped and tinted but there is a three-step process you can add to your makeup routine to enjoy well-groomed brows every day.

Firstly, use a small brush to tidy and tame the brows, using an upwards movement to brush from the inside out.

Secondly, use a narrow brush to apply a nourishing wax to your freshly tidied brows. This will anchor them in place and keep any wayward hairs in line. Lastly, apply a brow powder, focusing first on creating well-defined thickness at the inner part of the brow and then tapering out evenly towards the tail of the brow.  

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