Skin benefits of vitamin A

I often get asked: "What is your favourite skincare brand?” and I have to say I don't actually have one particular favourite brand. What I do like are particular ingredients that healthy skin must have. These would be my favourite base...... Read More

Looking after our pets the best way we can

We are a nation of animal lovers. A recent report confirmed 64 per cent of New Zealand households have at least one companion animal - more than anywhere in the world except the USA. Numerous studies have shown that people’s lives are enriched...... Read More

Improper names for proper things

I remember very clearly the day I discovered raisins were actually dried grapes. It was shocking and embarrassing at the same time. I nearly fell off my tricycle, which can be quite dangerous when you’re 28. Not a slow dawning, like gradually...... Read More

Think of the children

Blended families are not without their challenges. Ensuring everyone is happy  can take time and patience. It’s equally important to make sure you have your legal affairs in place - if you don’t have the right legal structures in place...... Read More

Learning to be your own biggest fan in life

"The way you tell your story to yourself matters." Amy Cuddy How you see yourself is how others will see you. If you consider you have no power, then that is what other will believe. If you think you are lovable, that’s how people...... Read More

Backyard Paradise

Summer days start early at Orewa beach on the Hibiscus Coast. Dogs and their owners are the first of many to footprint the sand as they perform their daily ritual. Cheery good mornings exchanged, balls thrown, and paddles at the water's edge before...... Read More

Volunteering makes a difference, doesn't it?

Almost everybody accepts the wisdom that volunteering is good for the community and that, in general, volunteering makes you a better person by helping others in need. So why don’t we just pay these people? If there is a need for a specific service,...... Read More

Is your exercise regime hurting your skin?

Clients who come to see us  for a holistic skincare consultation are often surprised when we ask them about their exercise regime. Whether they pump weights at the gym or do Saturday morning yoga may seem neither here nor there to them in terms...... Read More

Addressing the heffalump in the room

This week, Jim Bunny ventures out of the warren to share his thoughts  on an issue that keeps on growing.   It must be coming. Surely. I sense, because of all the fomenting over Rogers Rabbits two weeks ago, a cynical, insensitive assault...... Read More

Thinking of the possible

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I'm possible’” - Audrey Hepburn. Running a four-minute mile, walking on the moon and the rise of personal computing were all once thought to be impossible.   Could people...... Read More

Road trip in the South Island

Loaded up with camera equipment, warm clothing and good walking shoes, my family and I, (still half asleep at 7:30am) piled into our 4-wheel drive hire car and set off for a full day road-trip. The Queenstown to Milford Sound road is adventurous and...... Read More

Looking out from inside the Media landscape

In days gone by, the media was a well respected and necessary entitiy that kept 'the man' honest.  Known as the Fourth Estate, the daily newspaper kept citizens informed of the things they really needed to know. Since the rise of the internet,...... Read More

The greatest mystery of all time

Finally, someone is taking the greatest mystery of the century seriously. No, it’s not a fix for the hole in the ozone layer. Nor the tracking of the Loch Ness monster. Even more perplexing than why Shortland St continues to run. Not even the...... Read More

Plan to make more with less

February is our highest month for new enquiries - you’re settled back into the groove and the kids are back at school.  Often people have changed  their work situation, but are spending all their current income. How will these changes...... Read More

Learning more about franchising

The first meeting of  the Franchise Association’s Bay of Plenty branch will take place on February 15. As the region’s most experienced franchise lawyers, Harris Tate has seen a consistent demand for good quality franchises over the...... Read More

Choosing to be cheerful in any situation

“I am determined to be cheerful in whatever situation I may find myself, for I have learned that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition  and not our circumstances.” Martha Washington. When we live...... Read More

Nature Overload

Welcome back to normality, Sunners, at least for those returned to school, work or whatever else  fills your day. For those still on holiday or just about to leave, good on you! You worked hard all year and loyally suffered 52 weeks of RR, through...... Read More

Feed yourself positive self-talk

“A person is what they think all  day long.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-talk has a strong impact on  our self-esteem and confidence, either positively or negatively, based on  our thoughts. Listening to what you’re...... Read More